We have a variety of plans that can fit your needs. If you are looking for some more information, use the  chat button at the bottom and on of our technicians will get back to you ASAP.

Bronze Plan

Starting At$22.95/mo

Normally $29.95 Per Month

Gold Plan

Starting At$79.95

Normally $149.95 Per Month


  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Emails
  • Email Storage
  • Databases
  • Sub Domains
  • Domains


  • 900 Gb/mo
  • 90 Gb
  • 50
  • 2Gb Per Inbox
  • 5
  • 5
  • 20


  • 1300 Gb/mo
  • 130 Gb
  • 75
  • 5Gb Per Inbox
  • 10
  • 10
  • 40


  • *Unlimited
  • *Unlimited
  • *Unlimited
  • *Unlimited
  • *Unlimited
  • *Unlimited
  • *Unlimited


TechEvolution has resources at its desposal that no matter what the challenge we will figure it out. With our highly trained technicans, and state of the art data center your clients are gaurenteeded to have the most uptime possible.


With the most advanced software and hardware we are capable of deturring unwated security threats.


With full ISP, Power, and Data Redudancy your services are sure to be running.


Your data is protected in both physical and software related ways, while excersing the best security practices.


With a reseller account you will be able to have more control over your customers. The time of having a login for each client is over! Now you have the same control under one portal all at the edge of your fingers.


    If you clients need Wordpress to build their website don't worry. You can easily load the files into cPanel and you will be off and running.


    Using the Backup Wizard the process could not be easier for creating a reliable backup of your clients data.

  • 99.9% UPTIME

    Using TechEvolution as your hosting provider you no longer need to worry about hardeware maintance or uptime. We take care of that for you!

What Unlimited really means

*Note: Techevolution employs complex mechanisms to protect its Subscribers and systems from abuse. Techevolution's offering of "unlimited" services is not intended to allow the actions of a single or few Subscribers to unfairly or adversely impact the experience of other Subscribers. Techevolution's service is a shared hosting service, which means that multiple Subscriber web sites are hosted from the same server and share server resources. Techevolution's service is designed to meet the typical needs of small business and home business website Subscribers in the United States. It is NOT intended to support the sustained demand of large enterprises, internationally based businesses, or non-typical applications better suited to a dedicated server. Techevolution will make every commercially reasonable effort to provide additional resources to Subscribers who are using their website(s) consistent with these Terms, including moving Subscribers to newer and bigger shared servers as necessary. However, in order to ensure a consistent and quality experience for all Subscribers, Techevolution does place automated safeguards to protect against any one site growing too quickly and adversely impacting the system until Techevolution can evaluate said sites resource needs. Please review the Terms of Service for any further questions.