Today’s technology centric office environment requires specialist who understand both voice and data networks, facility planning, IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure and can provide both office space planning and technology engineering services to assure everyone has a phone and e-Mail on the first day at the new office.

Techevolution provides project management services focused on the Technology aspects of a single office relocation to your business relocation, from minor reconfigurations and facility planning, to the opening of a branch office to the design and relocation of your mission critical applications to a new data center.  We work with your facility, IT and relocation team to manage your business relocation for users and technology equipment, including servers, network hardware, desktop systems, telephones and communications equipment and operational services which require intensive Planning and Project Management utilizing a dedicated and experienced team who understand and can execute a detailed plan for managing all of the complex intricacies, scheduling and co-ordination required to ensure a successful project.


Local Area Networks

  • Assess current network infrastructure
  • Establish a reference list of re-useable equipment
  • Review Technology Standards, Policies and Practices
  • Develop LAN design – Propose a cabling plan

Wide Area Network

  • Assess current network architecture and application
  • Establish a list of equipment to be used in the new building
  • Review Standards, Policies, Practices and emerging technologies
  • Develop a WAN architectural plan
  • Determine and produce WAN budgets

Voice Systems

  • Assess current infrastructure
  • Develop a voice network plan and specifications
  • Determine and produce Voice System budgets

Data Center & Telecommunications

  • Conduct audit of existing useable equipment
  • Define an equipment layout and cabling floor plan
  • Produce tender document
  • Review tenders and provide recommendations
  • Design and develop Continuity of Business (COB)

What does this do for you?

Our consultants provide over ten years experience in voice & data networks, IT infrastructure to make your job easier.  We make a difference by:

  • Providing expertise on technology requirements for your office relocations.
  • Detail-oriented approach to IT Infrastructure Design, Planning & Project Management of IT requirements.
  • Lead you through the maze of regulations, codes, service providers and vendor selection.
  • Deliver timely response to those inevitable technical questions that arise during a construction project.
  • Project Management that fits seamlessly with your own IT and Facilities expertise.

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