Data Protection

Many companies still trust the backup of their most vital resource – data – to a fragmented and often ineffective policy of distributed tape devices, manual routines, and old off-site tape storage.

Techevolution’s Data Protection Services is a secure online backup service offering:

We make sure your organization can easily recover vital data and meet recovery time goals and objectives, for both major and minor service interruptions. Storage failure, server failure and even user error can all cause data loss. We ensure backup and recovery of applications, systems and data needs to be fast, flexible, and easy—without consuming critical resources.

  • Fully automated process with backups held on disk for rapid file restoration.
  • Secure, safe, encrypted online transfer of your data to an off-site data center with regular backups.
  • Sound basis for business continuity planning – whatever happens – your data is SAFE!
  • Cost effective solutions ” you cant afford to lose your data.”
  • 24 x 7 Live Customer Support

Please call 866-740-9400 or email [email protected] for a custom quotation or any additional information.

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