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Based in the Boston Metro, we pride ourselves on our support structure, datacenter, and intelligent staff. Hosting thousands of websites, there is not a single unsatisfied customer hosted in our Boston Metro Data center.

Techevolution is a full service hosting firm offering specialized Internet services to individuals, professionals, small businesses and corporate clients. Established in the spring of 1996 by founder and President Corey Tapper, we have uniquely positioned ourself in the market place by providing diverse products and technology offerings.

Many hosting companies claim to own their own Data Center, which in most instances isn’t the case. Techevolution has invested several million dollars into our own infrastructure and Data Center.By using only the best in networking equipment, connectivity, and technologies, Techevolution has been able to grow and satisfy our client’s needs. Our staff consists of network administrators, database administrators, website designers, application development engineers and support staff. We are proud to be a single source for your technology needs.

With the Internet touching every part of your business, having a web hosting company that you can rely upon makes it easier for you to take full advantage of the Internet. Techevolution provides well integrated hosting packages for all types of businesses. With our multi-homed and fully redundant Data Center, we can provide the web services, security, and scalability you need to get a complete online business solution. Plus, you can build new and versatile solutions using the most complete set of Internet technologies available. If your not satisfied with your current IT provider, our staff will be happy to find and resolve and tech troubles at any budget. Contact Us.

Techevolution- 85 Exchange Street, Suite L12, Lynn, MA 01901, USA

(781) 595-2040
(866) 740-9400 Toll free (US and Canada only)

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