The IT360 plan covers all of aspects of our professional IT services.

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Expertise. The in-house Professional Services team has a wide range of expertise focused on the reliability, security, and performance of network architectures and infrastructures. Our staff is vendor certified to the highest levels of most best of breed manufacturers of network and security software and hardware. From design work, deployments, assessments, and penetration testing – our collective staff has the high level skills and professionalism that you deserve.

Experience. The Professional Services team has literally many decades of practical experience in the area of network and security services and solutions.  Our team is made up of seasoned veterans.  Our proven track record speaks for itself.  Our clients are some of the largest firms in the world with the most complex networks on the planet.  With so much at stake, clients only want to work with top notch experts.  They choose Techevolution because of our history of success.  That success is the result of our collective knowledge base and practical applications in the real world.

Independent. As an independent, outside 3rd party expert – you are guaranteed to get an honest, no nonsense, vendor independent opinion on a solution that best fits your business needs.  As your trusted advisor, Techevolution is committed to working with you and team in any given capacity to meet your requirements.  Organizations love dealing with Techevolution because we give you the technical facts and practical solutions and services for your real world environment.

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