We can provide wireless internet access points and hot spots within any given location.

We have successfully installed hot spots in Hotels, Offices both small and large, Schools, Hospitals and just about anywhere you could imagine. Get connected no matter where you are!

Demand for wireless access to enterprise local area networks (LANs) is fueled by the growth of mobile computing devices, such as laptops and personal digital assistants (PDAs), and a desire by users for continual connections to the network without being restricted to “plug in areas,” which do not move with their work.Techevolution’s dedication to providing end-user connectivity anytime and anywhere drives our wireless product enhancements as well as our commitment to providing a secure and reliable wireless networking enterprise infrastructure.

Wireless packages

Starter package

Wireless access point for small to mid sized office

Multi building package

Connect your remote locations within 3 to 4 mile sof each other under one ip network
Speeds up to 54 meg

Campus package

Light up school campuses or offer wifi for resort locations via WDS. Let your users wander through out the campus with out losing any signal.

Multi floor package

If you have a mulit floor building and need secure internet access to all your users this is the solutions for you.

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