Managed Support

No more wondering where your IT support team is. With Techevolution, you are assigned a highly experienced team of engineers dedicated to serving your business.

Professional IT Support Services

Our Virtual IT Support is a unique remote issue resolution resource utilizing a multi tiered-support structure, state-of-the-art remote management tools, and a highly experienced, dedicated team of IT specialists. Your team of dedicated remote support engineers become familiar with both your infrastructure and your end-users to create an experience that is second to none. Virtual IT team is a blend of IT engineers with various competencies to keep you up and running:

  • Helpdesk – responsible for overall technical quality of service on your behalf at all levels.
  • Primary Engineer – knows your business, knows you needs, becomes a familiar face around your company.
  • Secondary Engineer – supports primary engineering, so you are never without the tech assistance you need.
  • Account Manager – your coordinator of resources, communications, scheduling, billing and services.
  • Outsourced Telecommunications Support- support and repairs any telephony issue, and identifies issues to prevent future troubles. 

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Tape rotation and offsite storage

Tape Rotation Services are designed for co-location customers who have their own backup storage devices and media. The customer requests the tapes to be swapped.

Managed firewalls

Security is always a top priority when hosting a website, whether it be an e-commerce site or financial institution. At Techevolution, we want to make sure that your security needs are met. We offer several services, such as 24 hour support to resolve security issues quickly and effectively. We also offer services that utilize equipment from security appliances to Cisco firewalls. Ask us about our managed firewall services and we will find the right solution for you.

Remote hands

In the unlikely event of a failure, our expert staff of IT professionals can get you back up and running.

From drive changes to updates, patches to complete re-install, we can assist


Our migration service allows you to make a seamless move of your current hosting infrastructure to Superb’s global network. Or you can upgrade your existing server from shared hosting to a dedicated server. The team makes it trouble-free, and when you host with us, domain registration is free.

Disaster Recovery Planning

A definite “must-have,” Disaster Recovery Planning is one of those essential business components too easily overlooked until it’s too late. Don’t sing the sad old “if only I had” or “shoulda woulda coulda!” Our experts will provide confidential consulting to establish a unique Disaster Recovery Plan that identifies the scope, key processes, and boundaries to follow to ensure the continuity of your online business.

High-Availability Solutions

A High-Availability hosting solution is crucial to your business when you are dealing with mission-critical data and high demand. Our team will pinpoint and eliminate every possible single point of failure and make sure your infrastructure offers complete redundancy.  You may want Data Replication or other key strategies in place.

Security Services

In this era of ever-increasing cybercrime and new, incredibly destructive cyberweapons, it is imperative that your data is well protected. We can conduct audit reviews and test the security of your hosting infrastructure. Our security experts will help identify holes, address concerns, and provide recommendations for the maximum security of your hosted environment. Options you’ll want to consider include OS Hardening.

Get Managed Support Now and Never Worry About Your Servers Again!

Choose Managed Support Hosting so you can focus on your business while Techevolution manages your servers. A Technical Account Manager who knows your system inside and out will always be accessible for personal consultations by e-mail and phone, alerting you to new needs as they arise, and helping you scale up as your business grows.

Along with your Technical Account Manager, you get the services of a dedicated team of certified engineers. They will proactively manage your infrastructure so you no longer have to worry about monitoring your servers, creating backups, or updating patches.

Server Support Subscriptions

Server Support provides a fixed amount of credits to use for issues related to a specific server. Server Support credits do not accumulate and are only associated with a specific server.

  • Server Support – 4 credits – $60/mo
  • Server Support – 8 credits – $110/mo
  • Server Support – 16 credits – $200/mo

Customer Support Subscriptions

Customer Support adds the purchased amount of credits to a pool tied to your account. Every month, the credit level you purchase accumulates and remains available to use across all your servers.

  • Customer Support – 4 credits accumulating – $95/mo
  • Customer Support – 8 credits accumulating – $180/mo
  • Customer Support – 16 credits accumulating – $340/mo

Priority Subscriptions

Support tickets are taken care of in the order received. For a quicker response to your tickets, Gold and Platinum priority levels are available. Gold Priority ensures all tickets submitted to us are designated as a higher priority over our customers without Gold Priority. Platinum Priority ensures all tickets submitted to us are designated with the highest priority.

  • Gold Priority – $75/mo
  • Platinum Priority – $150/mo

Please call 866-740-9400 or email for a custom quotation or any additional information.

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